About Neesha

Photo description: A Black person with medium brown skin and natural black hair styled in a low fade cut. Their head is turned sideways towards the viewer, and their facial expression is pensive. They’re wearing cat eye glasses, gold hoop earrings, and a gray t-shirt. In the background is a faded view of an over a century-old home at Gilliard Farms in Brunswick, Georgia, USA.

Journalist. Essayist. Organizer. Resource Mobilizer.

Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Ingabire is a coastal Georgia-born-and-raised movement journalist, essayist, community & cultural organizer, resource mobilizer, cat parent, spouse, and auntie living in Atlanta/occupied Muscogee territory. She reports on the justice movements of the Black, trans, and queer communities to which she belongs and writes essays to recover her own history and the histories of her ancestors and their ancestral homes.

Neesha’s writings have been published in various online and print publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, the Oxford American, Scalawag, and VICE. She recently graduated with a MFA in Creative Writing from Georgia College. Her forthcoming debut book, Outsider: The History of a Life and a Place (Hub City Press, fall 2024), is a collection of personal essays that span genres, including lyric essays, memoir, reportage, and movement journalism. Outsider juxtaposes the fraught racial history of coastal Georgia with her lived experiences growing up there as a disabled and queer Black girl.